Adopt a Cat

Hi! I'm Tabitha

Lover of humans and cuddles! Leg deformity but promise I can still jump and cuddle up in your lap! (6 months, female)

Hi! I'm Wavy

I got my name because humans thought my walk was funny. Jokes on the them, it’s the same walk that steals hearts! I’m a little shy and take time opening up to people. (2 years, female)

Hi! I'm Lupin

If there’s a mouse toy, you’ll find me right behind it! I love to play and if you’d like a funny character to be your next best friend. You should choose me! (6 months, male)

Hi! I'm Fudge

I’m a senior resident at the shelter who arrived at the shelter 5 years ago after being abandoned. Not many want to give me a chance since I am old but I know my human is out there and will find me soon enough. (8 years, female)