Mission and Vision

We envision an animal friendly community; a society where stray animals are not killed; where every companion animal is spayed and neutered; where every animal and pet is treated kindly, with respect and compassion.

TWS will work in many areas to promote animal welfare. Our primary practices areas are:

  • To rescue stray, abandoned, sick, injured and neglected animals.
  • To provide temporary shelter to rescued, abandoned and surrendered animals for the purpose of finding permanent suitable new homes.
  • To provide assistance, create awareness and launch a campaign to prevent overpopulation through spaying and neutering programs (TNR).
  • To end the practice of dog culling by working with government bodies to promote and activate the practice of spaying and neutering programs (TNR).
  • To support a healthy pet community by providing reasonably cost general veterinary services for stray animal population.
  • To educate the community about animal welfare issues, basic animal rights and responsible pet ownership.
  • To educate the community, particularly children about animal welfare issues, basic animal rights and responsible pet ownership.
  • To provide activities on a wide range of animal topics aimed at informing, advising, educating and enabling participants to develop their knowledge of animals.
  • To organize seminars, lectures and group discussion for promotion of animal rights.
  • To provide projects for schools to allow children to learn about and care for animals.
  • To provide a temporary boarding facility for pets.
  • To co-operate with like-minded organizations to promote animal welfare.
  • To raise sufficient funds to facilitate the achievement of our stated aims.