Todd's Story

The Story Behind Todd's Welfare Society

The story behind TWS is very simple. It starts with a dog named ‘Todd’ and it starts with a person who loved him very very much… It starts with me, Kiran Maheen.

On 12th April 2010 , my 3-year-old boy named “Todd”- Toddy, walked out of the house for 5 minutes, and in those 5 minutes, everything changed. See, he never came back. After 5 minutes I went out to look for him and he had vanished. We searched for days, months and years but there was no sign of him. Somebody took my boy, for them he was just a ‘dog’ and not somebody. That incident changed how I looked at animals. They are not products; we are not their owners, but their families. Somebody just took a member of my family away from me. And you know what, nobody cared, not my friends (save a few), or the police or the guards and general community.

Suddenly I was looking at the animal world with a new sight. I saw the animals suffering on the roads, and in zoos because we the ‘human animals’ don’t consider their lives important enough. We have forgotten that they are also capable of the same behaviors and feelings as us, According to a study done in university of Cambridge in 2012, animals have a conscious, which means they think, feel, and respond to the world to same way as a human does. We just don’t see them because they might do it differently.

So what did I do about it? I made a page called “for Eath” to spread information about animal abuse and animal rights. Then came March 2016, when on Friday 5th March at 10am I received a call from my friend Umer Rajpoot. He told me there was a dog near his house that had been shot in the face 4 times. The bullets had pierced through both her eyes, blinding her. The extent of the dog’s injuries was too much and we had to euthanize her on the vet’s advice. I named her joanne before burying her, because no-one should die nameless.

Joanne’s horrifying murder pushed me to do something which I had been putting off for months. On the 6th March 2016, I formed TODD’s Welfare Society. TWS was formed to protect and save injured, sick, abused and neglected animals. TWS is not just an NGO, it is a passion, it is an idea; the idea that all lives matter, the idea that for us to be human we need to be compassionate, we need humanity, we need to treat the creatures who we share this earth with, with respect.

Animals in our society are treated as non-living, non-feeling objects, and yet they aren’t. They suffer, just like we do. They are not products, they are living beings. This perception regarding animals is what I wanted to change. Sometimes I am surprised at the number of things we have accomplished, honestly, I didn’t think we would make it this far. When I first started, I was told that TWS will fail, that I started it without having a proper plan. At the start it was just me, without any money, and any team. However, today not only does TWS has a proper board of directors, but we also have numerous workers, managers, members, and volunteers.

On the night of 12th April 2010 , Toddy might have been taken away, he might not even be here anymore, but he lives on through Todd’s Welfare Society . He lives on through all those babies we save from the brutality of this society. Our story is of love, of loss and of compassion.