Our Work


The Todd’s Welfare Society’s sanctuary is the first of its kind in Lahore. The sanctuary is a safe haven for those animals deemed too sick, disabled or paralyzed to fend for themselves on the cruel streets. These animals spend their natural lives surrounded by love, comfort and in the peacefulness of our sanctuary . Cats and dogs that are paralyzed, have lost their limbs, have undergone chemotherapy or cats that have lost their sight, they all have a permanent home at the sanctuary.

The animals in the sanctuary get to spend their days lazing in the sun, playing with their friends or being completely pampered by volunteers and staff. At the sanctuary , these rescues get to live out their lives peacefully and free of any abuse or pain. They are safe and far away from the life they were living on the streets. These lifetime residents depend upon the kindness and generosity of our supporters to keep them safe and loved. They all need their very own virtual parent to keep them safe and loved