Our Work

Street Animal Rescue

The life of a street animal in Pakistan is saddening. Street animals have to scavenge for food, protect themselves from extreme heat or cold and are subject to horrendous cruelty and abuse. They are viewed as unclean, impure, and a nuisance; they are kicked, have objects thrown at them, or in many cases, poisoned or shot. It is these animals that we are working hard to provide care, treatment, and dignity to their otherwise wretched lives.

Street animal rescue work involves rescuing the abused, injured, and sick animals. Many of these include hit and run cases, dogs suffering from terrible skin infections, and gunshot victims left to die on the streets. These animals are struggling to survive on the streets and require immediate help, which our rescue services aim to provide. In a country where dog culling is a common practice, our work also involves relocations; this is when we are made aware of dogs that are about to be shot. Our field team relocates such dogs to more dog-friendly areas to save their lives.

Field officers rescue on a daily basis in response to requests made by concerned members of the public. The rescues are brought back to the shelter where they receive medical treatment, food and most importantly love and care. The rescues are rehabilitated, nursed back to health and are put up for adoption. Over the years we have rescued hundreds of animals, provided on the spot treatment, long term medical care, much needed surgeries and spayed and neutered all our rescues. Rescuing these animals is important as we are trying to raise awareness towards their plight and encourage people to treat them with the love and care that they s deserve.