Request a Relocation


DISCLAIMER: There is a relocation fee of Rs 1500 for every 3 dogs that are requested to be relocated. This fee covers all the expenses incurred during the relocation e.g. fuel. You will be liable to fill the Rescue Relocation Release Form on the spot and will need to be present during the relocation process.

Request a Relocation

In some areas or communities, dogs are often mistreated, abused, and even shot down. To protect and save these dogs, we provide relocation services. The dogs that are in danger are relocated to dog-friendly areas where they have access to food and water, and are safe.

NOTE: Please make note that our resources are limited and ONLY request for relocation if there is a serious threat to the animal’s life.

Please call or WhatsApp the picture of the rescue with pin location and a point of contact at +923214674957.