Success Stories

The Story of Archie

We were asked to rescue a cat by some very kind persons who had been feeding a stray, that frequently visited their house for food. They reported a face wound but it was upon rescue when rushed to the vets that the full extent of his condition became clear. Archie was suffering from a fungal infection which was extremely critical, so much so that the swelling on his face had completely overtaken one side of his face, leaving only one eye visible. It broke our hearts to think of him suffering and in pain yet still having to fend for himself on the streets. Archie was admitted as needed round the clock care. Slowly overtime after receiving the best medical treatment, sun bathing and home cooked meals, Archie began to improve.

What gave us great joy was to see his true personality come through. From an aggressive and scared cat to one friendly boy who enjoyed endless chin rubs and cuddles. Archie took two months to fully recover from his condition and the resilience we witnessed in this wonderful cat gave the team involved in his care, much joy and contentment.

These happy faces at the end of rocky roads are what keep us going, so thank you Archie for giving us the chance to help you on your healing journey