Success Stories

The Story of Cece

Cece was rescued in June 2019 from the streets. Seeing her breed we could not be sure if she was an abandoned or a lost pet. Cece was truly in a terrible state when rescued as she was terribly neglected, her fur was extremely matted, she could barely open her eyes as they were so swollen. Her skin was so delicate and thin and was suffering from severe nasal discharge. such was her condition that we were not sure she would even survive but medical treatment was started immediately, hoping that this poor girl might get another chance at life.

At first Cece was so depressed and sick that she even refused food and had to be hand fed. But after weeks of treatment and many moments of when it was touch and go, Cece decided to open her beautiful eyes. Cece slowly began to make herself be heard with her gentle meows and began to enjoy the attention being given to her and most importantly learned to trust those around her.

After many months Cece recovered fully, she gained weight, her coat was shiny and her beautiful eyes sparkled. Her personality amazed us as not only did her sweet nature come through but the cat who distrusted all those round her now had given us humans a second chance.

Once fully vaccinated and spayed Cece did not have to wait long for her forever home to come along. Cece joined her loving home and resides there today all safe and loved. Cece got her happy ever after.

Cece 1