Success Stories

The Story of Osha

Osha was rescued from the streets of Lahore after she had been attacked with an axe in her head. When rescued it appeared that Osha had but given up on life but the team did not and rushed her to the hospital, to receive much needed medical treatment for her injuries. Osha was taken to a foster home where for many days she showed little interest in her surroundings or in those that had rescued her. However, she made one friend, a teddy bear that she held onto for her dear life.

Over time Osha began to heal both physically and emotionally, learning to trust those around her. Osha became a firm favorite with the team as her kind and gentle nature became more apparent. Osha had a lot of well-wishers from all over the world, who had fallen in love with her following her healing journey. It was these kind people who donated towards her travel to the UK, so that she may find a forever home. Today Osha lives in the U.K. with the most amazing family in their beautiful home, thoroughly enjoying the life that was denied to her when trying to survive on the cruel streets. Osha is safe and loved and will never feel hurt or pain ever again. Osha got her happy ever after