Success Stories

The Story of Sandy

Sandy was rescued from the streets of Rawalpindi, Pakistan . A plea was put up on Facebook by a young girl begging someone to rescue Sandy as she was in danger of being shot by the dog culling team. It appeared to be that Sandy was a gentle and friendly dog and not sure as to how to survive on the cruel streets. The rescue team took a journey of over three hours from Lahore to rescue her and brought her back to safety.

Sandy at first was timid and scared but with time she learned to trust those around her. She quickly settled in and became a foster mum to some puppies that she was sharing the foster home with and best friends with Osha, a dog that had been badly abused. Sandy became a firm favorite of all the team and any visitors, so much so that when her time came to travel to the UK she left behind many broken hearts. Once in the UK , it did not take long for Sandy to find her forever home, as her new owners the moment they met her knew that she had to become a part of their family.

Today Sandy is loved, pampered and extremely spoilt by her loving family, she is no longer known as Sandy but as Princess Sandy. The only way to describe Sandy is that she is love and nothing but love and to think her life may have ended on the streets is beyond unbearable. Sandy got her happy ever