Success Stories

The Story of Sapphire

We were asked to rescue Sapphire an abandoned pet with a broken hind leg from a neighbouring city. Seeing images of her we knew that this girl needed urgent help. Sadly Sapphire had a wound that had gone untreated, which we hoped could be saved. Unfortunately after many tests and consultations the vets had no choice but to amputate Sapphire’s leg. Even during the most difficult times Sapphire never let any pain or discomfort stop her from loving and trusting those around her. Everyone was greeted with lots of head rubs and purrs.

Seeing how special a cat Sapphire was we so wanted her to have a loving home that she could call her own, but not hopeful as she was missing al leg. Then one day that miracle occurred, a family came to see another cat at the sanctuary but instead fell in love with Sapphire. Today Sapphire is safe and loved in her forever home, after all the pain and hardship she went through Sapphire got her happy ever after.