Success Stories

The Story of Spot

Spot the dog with the beautiful smile was rescued in 2016 , by Kiran Maheen, the founder of TWS . She was seen running late at night, injured, and being chased by security guards who were about to shoot her. Luckily for Spot, Kiran quickly intervened and brought her into her house. As luck would have it not only was Spot injured but also heavily pregnant, so that night not only was her life saved but so was the lives of her unborn pups. Spot went on to have some adorable babies who were adopted apart from two, who was later named Joey and Shadow.

Spot resided at the Todd’s Welfare Society shelter along with the other rescues hoping that she forever home will come soon but sadly her wait turned into years. That is until one day when all changed, and the dog with the beautiful smile was seen by some kind humans who offered her the forever home she had been waiting for so long. Today Spot is healthy, spayed and lives in her forever home, far away from her life on the streets, running in fear for her life and for her unborn pups. Spot got her happy ever after.