Success Stories

The Story of Taz

Taz was rescued early 2019 suffering from an ear and fungal infection and on top of these poor Taz also had jaundice. Once rescued his treatment was started immediately but we knew that Taz had a long healing journey ahead of him. Taz proved to be one brave boy and never gave up the fight and recovered fully after many months of intensive treatment.

We saw what a sweet natured and patient cat he was, never showing any signs of aggression even when extremely poorly. Taz became quite famous for his love for food, so we hoped to find him a home where he could eat to his hearts desire and be showered with much love and care. Luckily Taz did not have to wait long as his forever home was just round the corner.

Today Taz is a healthy neutered cat living the life that all animals deserve. We truly are so proud of Taz and his strong will to live. We are so pleased that Taz got his happy ever after.