Our Flying Dogs project is a new and exciting collaboration with Dog Bus Transporting Paws, Saving Lives which involves our rescue dogs travelling to the UK under the Dog Bus banner, to find themselves the forever homes that are denied to them in Pakistan.

Dog Bus Transporting Paws, Saving Lives is a UK based charity which helps transport and rescue animals across the UK and those from countries such as China, Romania and now Pakistan. We have always had a special relationship with Dog Bus ever since they found our Sandy her perfect home in the UK


Sadly, the rate of adoption in Pakistan is almost zero No matter how beautiful or friendly our rescue dogs may be, nobody is interested in adopting them, as they are not the desired breeds that the Pakistan society so craves so. This means that our rescues are either relocated once healed or live out their life in the shelter, where they may be safe but is no comparison to a forever home of their own. All these dogs are so wonderful even though some of them have known nothing but abuse and cruelty from humans, they are all so loving and trust those around them.


Knowing that these dogs will never find their forever homes as they are local breeds and not the fancy breeds, Dog Bus made them a promise to find them all the perfect homes. So, ten very lucky dogs were selected and prepped for travel. Once fully ready these precious dogs found themselves onboard a plane on their way to start a new and exciting life.


Today Shadow, Joey, Ebony, Flora, Jamie, Iris and Jon Snow are in their forever homes living the life that every dog deserves. Dollar and Blue are currently reserved by potential homes


We have many dogs who will be making their way to the UK all looking for that perfect home and by adopting one of them will mean we can rescue and get ready another dog to travel under the Flying Dogs project. By adopting one of these dogs, you will be giving a dog the love and care that was so denied to them whist desperately struggling to survive on the cruel streets of Pakistan. Something that will become a distant memory to them.


All paper work, travel preparation and flight transportation will be taken care off. All you need to do is to apply via Dog Bus . Once your application is received, they will talk you through the adoption process and suitability to the dog chosen. Once everything has been completed you will collect your fur baby once he or she arrives in the UK.


Please do consider adopting one of the Flying Dogs, as you will be changing the life of a street dog forever. Because of you they will get to lead a life that they could not even dream about, how rewarding would that be knowing that you are the reason this dog is now free from pain and suffering for the rest of its life.

For additional information in regards to adoption please email at

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Below are the dogs that will be flying to the UK to find forever homes